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Hey folks 👋

My name is Ron and I am a frontend web developer based out of Canada. I am passionate about accessibility, user experience, and, honestly, all things tech. My philosophy is that technology is just one of an endless number of solutions to human problems, which is why I make it my mission to put people at the forefront of anything that I create.

For over five years now I have been professionally working on the web, building complex apps, e-commerce sites, SAAS products, and everything in between. While React is typically my daily-driver at work, I branch out into many other languages/libraries/frameworks on my free time. These technologies include but are not limited to: Rust, Elixir, Node, Vue, Svelte, and React Native.

Disclaimer: This site is brand new so content is sparse while I figure out what to upload. I am very excited to write about tech that I like and to share it with you all. In the meantime, here is a picture of my dog Seska:

Seska the cardigan corgi
Seska the Cardigan Corgi